Skediatech | 5 Hidden Features of Uber for Women Safety
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5 Hidden Features of Uber for Women Safety

5 Hidden Features of Uber for Women Safety

Uber is a technology app that matches you with a nearby driver to take you wherever you want to go. The main purpose of the development of the uber app is to connect drivers and passengers directly using smartphones.

Uber app is developed on the basis of location that makes booking on demand simple and convenient

Uber has new features for women safety.

1. Share your ride info with your contacts

In Uber, you can share your ride details with your contact list for up to 5 people with all the information about your ride, which includes driver name, car number, the location of your car, License plate, and live GPS tracking in real time, and can act as an early warning if something goes wrong.

2. Carpooling with other women

The main focus of this feature is to request a driver exclusively for carpooling with women riders. Through this carpooling service, you can share the ride with others who pass via the same direction or destination and can split the fare accordingly.

3. Request a woman driver

In Uber, there is a genuine feature implemented for the woman. You can request for women driver from their profile. This feature is mainly implemented to focus on safety purpose for women which helps stay protected with a verified profile of woman driver before committing the journey. The government is asking taxi booking companies to implement this feature for woman safety.

4. Uber Panic Button

Uber allows you to call police in emergency cases through SOS. In this, you have a shareMyETA option which is an enhanced feature, known as “ Panic Button”. When you click this button it acts as an early warning when something has gone wrong.

5. Travel with special needs

Uber aims to help you travel in comfort the whole way with safety and security, and not just for women. Parents with kids, handicapped or sick people requiring special arrangement are also catered for in their journey.

As technology is growing day to day, vehicle booking apps are trying to help identify ways for a safer ride using analysis from risk factors with the help of mobile technology.

Skediatech has a full technology stack and experienced team for developing similar mobile apps like Uber, with all the user-specific options mentioned in the points above.


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