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Keep your business hassle free


We are a software design company that takes pride in our vibrant corporate culture and the many talented individuals who provide development and maintenance services to our satisfied clients.  We provide support services for a variety of organizations and applications, from small-to-medium businesses to major enterprises seeking to benefit from the cost savings achieved through offshore assistance.

Adaptive Support & Maintenance

We can help with – Data format change, Localization and regulation change, Support Utility Modification, and Operating system integration for the ever changing needs of your business.

Corrective Support & Maintenance

We help you fix errors in your software system, be it logical errors, coding errors, or design errors. Moreover, we can quickly remedy  any bug that may arise in your software algorithms.

Perfective Support & Maintenance

Constant upkeep is needed to make the most of the technology for your business. We look into your software for rectifications, modifications, editing, deletions, additions and enhancements.

Preventive Support & Maintenance

Proactive and Preventive – that is how we define the efficiency of our services. Based on customer feedback and past incidents, we prepare your software for future requirements.

Your Software Deserves the Best

In Terms of Maintenance & Support

We enable your existing software application or future releases to meet your business requirements and challenges in an effective manner. Outsourcing your organization’s maintenance and support services to Skediatech will ensure that your software has a competitive edge, as we leverage word-class tools and technology-driven platform to address all your business requirements.

Our Specialized Services


Upgrades: Software Version Upgrades & Functionality Upgrades


Migration: Database Migration & Language Migration


Support: Post-release Support, Operational and Help desk Support


Maintenance: Packaged Software Maintenance, Website Maintenance, Custom Application Maintenance, Long-term Maintenance


Enhancements: Application Enhancements & Performance Enhancements


Other Support Services: Porting, Software Re-engineering, Request Based Software Services, Bug Fixes, Defect Resolution, Change Request Handling, Configuration management, Status Reports.

We’re Always Happy to Help you!

If you have an enquiry or a project you would like to discuss with us we look forward to speaking with you.

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