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Gods of Legend

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About Project

We Partnered with Nacho games to develop MMO Game called Gods of Legend. It is has very amazing features.


Welcome My Lord!


Thank you for being part of the beta team. We’re constantly testing, fixing and balancing with your feedback to deliver you the best game possible. Facebook us for more:)


To start:

  • Select your faction.
  • Build your army
  • Battle other players for supremacy to become the Alpha Omega!


# Powerful Spells
# 24 unique characters
# Multiple creature upgrades
# Unlock creature abilities
# Special Artifact Weapons
# Beautiful Environments
# Endless Fun


In this real time PvP you embark on a journey where you can select a Human, Demon or an Undead Hero.
Unlock special creatures unique to your faction by building their dwellings.


Train your army, take them to battle where you will face your opponent with his selected faction.
This turn by turn battle will need to be planned carefully because you don’t know what spells or abilities your opponent has.


The goal is to become the Alpha Omega, the #1 player in the world and with that you will give all your followers of the same faction special prizes.


Good luck my Lord

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